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Evolutions :

•What are the evolutions between iRéveilPro2 and ClockRadio5 ?

The designed changed because it is modelled on the colors of the iPhone 5C.

We can also wake up with a playlist from Deezer or Spotify.

•Will you do an update of myClockRadio2?

No because ClockRadio5 replaces it but the application stays on the store for those who need reload it.

• Is ClockRadio5 compatible with the iPhone 4?


• Can we get ClockRadio5 free if we already have iReveilPro2 ?

No you must load this app on the store. The evolutions required a lot of work.

•Is there a trial version?

No, there is not.

Settings :

• What do we have to do when the radios don’t work ?

You have to reset them in « settings » (gearing, bottom left) then « Customized Radio selection » and Reinit.

• How to adjust volume and luminosity  ?

For the volume, go to « settings », then in « volume».

We can adjust the volume of the alarm, of the sleep function, and the length of the fade out.

Concerning the luminosity, we can slide from top to bottom on the principal screen of the alarm clock (from the middle, on the bar) or go in « settings » and « luminosity ».

• How to program alarm clocks for different days ?

You have to activate the recurrence when you program the alarm and select the days you want.

• Can we choose the radios in the grid of radios ?

We can choose the radios by removing the radios by default in « settings » (« Customized Radio selection) then by selecting a radio in « another radio » under the grid. When the radio is chosen, you have to keep pressing the case of the grid where you want to place the radio. The radio will be saved at this place .

• Can we change the color of the screen ?

Go in « settings », then in « Appearance» and change « Day skin » and « Night skin »

• How to locale our town if it didn’t work automatically ?

You have to press the city on the principal screen then enter the GPS coordinates in the page which appears. We can also personalize the name of the city displayed at this location. We can also personalise the name of the city displayed at this location.

 Alarm mode :  

• How to program the alarm if we want to wake up with the radio?

You have to program this when you program the alarm in « alarm mode ».

• How to wake up with Deezer and Spotify ?

When you program the alarm, you have to select  « or Deezer » or « or Spotify » in the alarm mode.

• Can we wake up with Deezer when we are offline ?

No, unless the playlist is synchronized.

• Is the connection with Deezer maintained if we wake up with a bluetooth speaker?

Yes the alarm works with all the alarm modes (radio, Deezer, Spotify, etc) with bluetooth and AirPlay.

• Does the alarm ring if the phone is locked? and off?

Yes, the alarm works when the phone is locked but only when the app is open a first time and open in the background. However, the app doesn’t work when the phone is off.

• What happens when there is a problem with the internet and the radio/Deezer or Spotify doesn’t work  ?

A remplacement ringtone takes over and you are sure to wake up.

• Can we stop the alarm when the screen of the phone/pad is locked ?

No. However we can program the stop of the alarm or the snooze when we open the app.

• Can we wake up with the radio when we don’t have connection or airplane mode without WIFI ?

No the radio only works with the internet.

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